It’s time.  You made it through the yoga practice.  You sweated and stretched and strengthened, but now you have to stop and “let go”.  Savasana (Corpse Pose) can be the most challenging part of the practice for many practitioners, new or advanced.  Of course, your teachers insist on it because it’s incredibly necessary.  In order for your practice to take root in your mind, heart, and body, you must give yourself a chance to restore.  Sounds, past experiences, future possibilities, and so much more can float through your mind as you try to stay still for a few minutes.  I have attached a few tips to help you make it through successfully.  Before you work on your mind in meditation or Savasana, be sure that you are in a comfortable position, all your muscles are completely relaxed, released, and/or supported by props, and let your breath neutralize.

1- Count.  Release your breath so that your inhales and exhales are neutral and effortless.  Count “1” on every exhale until you reach “10”.  At which point, you return to “1” and continue with this pattern until you’ve relaxed enough to let the mind go or until you’ve reached the end of your Savasana!

2- Drishti (focus, gaze).  Let your eyes soften and close.  Bring your internal gaze onto your third eye (the space between the eyebrows).  If you are not sure what your internal gaze is, just relax and imagine the third eye until you feel settled and can let the mind release everything else.  Receive any colors, visions, or anything.  Just be there, focusing and becoming aware of what comes.

3- Visualize.  I once read a led meditation by Sally Kempton in which she explained opening up the heart to receive what the Universe has to offer.  There are many types of visualization.  This one works for me, but feel free to branch out and find the perfect one for you.  Bring your attention into the center of the heart.  Feel the space inside your heart, the warmth, the oxygen moving through.  Create a small flicker of a flame right in the center.  Let each breath expand the light from the flame to light up the chambers inside the heart, to light up the whole inside of the heart, to light up the whole entire heart, the inside of the body, to light up the whole body creating a glow, to light up your neighbor practitioner, the room, the city, the state, the world, the universe…  Let this light that initiates from a flame in your heart expand as big as your mind will go.  Always bring the awareness back to the initial flame, even as your mind thinks bigger and bigger.  The flame represents You; the glow represents your connection and the huge part You play in the Universe.

Good luck out there!


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