How Stress Can Empower You

2 Reasons to LOVE STRESS!!

Check out this interesting article and come back to us!  (Please forgive us for sharing a post with grammatical errors.  If you can, look past them.  If you can’t, take their advice and let that stress push you to change your world in some positive way.)

The basic idea behind “2 Reasons to Love Stress” is that stress can push you to do things you never knew you were capable of.  Being pushed to your limits is a valuable part of your yoga journey.  “Yoga journey” refers to your process of strengthening and making subtle your mind, heart, and body in an effort to be fully yourself and contribute to the world around you just by being You.  Perhaps, you have heard of the concept of Fight or Flight.  As SC, wrote in our post entitled “Why Yoga Makes Us Feel Better”, Fight or Flight is a stressful sensation that sent our ancestors running or pushed them to stand up to their enemies.  In present day, we do not typically have the opportunity to run away or get into a fight.  We have to be “civil” – whatever that means!  Rather than letting this stress enter your body and take over the freedom in your shoulders (hunched or stiff shoulders are a common result of stress), for instance, use it to your advantage.

Learn from the worst events in your life.

Love those you hurt you, not for their sake, but so that you can release your connection to negativity.

Strengthen your mind by powering through tough situations, and then soften your mind by opening up to the new opportunities you’ve created for yourself.

Tone your body through asana (yoga postures) in a way that honors your shape, strength, flexibility, and each present moment.  The purpose of doing asana is that you become comfortable in your own skin.  Practice for you.  The more you practice aligned, intelligent asana, the deeper your breath becomes, the more spacious your breath channels become, and the longer you can sit in a seat and meditate (the original purpose of yoga practice).  Maybe, meditation for you is sitting properly and doing your work without losing focus and compromising your ability.  Or, speaking with someone with full attention, interest, and a desire to contribute only necessary concepts to the conversation.  Or, maybe meditation is sitting in a comfortable seat and letting go so that you may release what is unimportant and replace it with that which matters most.

You always have the power to become more connected.  Sometimes, stress pushes you to that point.


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