Tadasana: Root of ALL Poses

Tadasana/Samasthiti • Mountain Pose

tada: mountain
sama: upright, straight, unmoved
sthiti: standing still, steadiness

Tadasana/Samasthiti seems to be the most basic of standing poses.  We all know how to stand, right?  This pose requires us to be as strong as a mountain, to engage all of our muscles, and most importantly, this is the pose from which EVERY OTHER POSE takes its form.  Here are some helpful tips to apply to your next Tadasana/Samasthiti:

1. All four corners of the feet are on the floor: The balls of the feet and the insides and outsides of the heels.  The weight is equal on the fronts, backs, outsides, and insides of the feet.
2. Spread the toes apart by lifting them, opening them if possible, and placing them down one by one.
3. The belly button moves back toward the spine; chest broadens and makes space for breath; spine lengthens from the tailbone moving down to the top of the head moving up.
4. The shoulder blades move toward each other and down the back, flattening out.  The arms, fully engaged, are straight down to your sides, even the fingers are engaged.

BENEFITS of standing with intention include:
• greater spinal elasticity
• weightlessness in the body
• mental expansion and freedom

Check to see if the soles of your shoes tend to wear out on one area more than another.  Think about that while in Tadasana/Samasthiti.  This will greatly alter the way you stand in Mountain Pose.  Next time you are standing, notice whether you are leaning on one leg or tilted to the outsides of the feet and consider how much more quickly you feel tired and uncomfortable.  BringTadasana/Samasthiti into your everyday experience.


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