How to do Yoga in a Halloween Costume

Tripod Headstand in 80's Prom Dress









When Halloween rolls around, we all ask ourselves the question:  Do I trick-or-treat, or do I take my yoga class?  We say, WHY CHOOSE?!  Here are some tips to help beginner to advanced costumers take their favorite yoga class this Halloween.


Perhaps you are new to yoga, or new to wearing costumes, or new to doing both at the same time.  Have no fear!  There’s a bit of a trial period for you, but you’ll get the hang of it very quickly.

Materials: spandex, cotton, anything breathable, moveable, stretchy

Fit: not too tight, not too loose.

Costume ideas: yogi, dancer, 80’s fabulous, jazzercize instructor, cat woman


So, you’ve tried it.  You kept it simple last year and maybe the year before, thought it’d be fun to try it out.  Well, now it’s time to up the ante.

Materials:  start exploring taffeta, satine, knits, felt, leather?!?

Fit: try looser and/or more structured (think: moving toward Candy Corn shape)

Costume Ideas: Hip Hop star, cowgirl, cowboy, superhero, 1920’s-70’s fashionista/o


You’re ready to rock your yoga teacher’s socks!  You have no boundaries.  YOU get to pick your costume and THEN go to class.  No planning costume’s around your daily activities anymore!

Materials: the sky’s the limit

Fit: big, bulky, structured, whatever!

Costume Ideas: furry critter, robot, Renaissance era royalty, Candy Corn (obviously), car, pumpkin

Word to the Wise: GO BIG!

The bigger, rounder, bulkier your costume, the more leeway you have with your teacher!  Imagine showing up for class in an EGG COSTUME!  Your teacher won’t have a thing to say about your alignment, your posture, your POSE!  You’ll get the best of that teacher yet!…We love our yoga teachers and hope you do too, but it’s always fun to test your boundaries 😉

We hope these tips help!  Happy yoga-r-treating!



Siesta Yoga is a homestyle studio on the border of Los Feliz and Hollywood, CA.  We teach a variety of classes, specializing in Hatha and Ashtanga.  Students experience personal attention, great alignment pointers, and a nurturing atmosphere, all of which help to grow their practice as much as possible.  Come on by!  (More info here:


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