Laugh it Up – It’s Good for You

Five Benefits of Laughter Yoga

SC Nameth is leading a Yoga Nidra workshop this Sunday, June 1at 4pm at our studio, Siesta Yoga (1825 N. Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027).  She will be combating depression and anxiety with Laughter Yoga.  Here are some of the reasons it’s worth a try!

1. Good Mood and More Laughter: Whether it is your personal life, business life or social life everything you do depends upon your mood state. If your mood is good, you can do things much better. Laughter Yoga helps to change the mood within minutes by releasing certain chemicals from your brain cells called endorphins. You will remain cheerful and in a good mood throughout the day and will laugh more than you normally do.
2. Healthy Exercise to Beat Stress: Laughter Yoga is like an aerobic exercise (cardio workout) which brings more oxygen to the body and brain which makes one feel more healthy and energetic. Laughter Yoga is a single exercise routine which reduces physical, mental and emotional stress simultaneously.
3. Health Benefits: You can’t enjoy life if you are sick. Laughter Yoga strengthens the immune system which not only prevents you from falling sick, but also helps to heal a variety of illnesses like hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, depression, arthritis, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, backache, fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, menstrual disorders, cancer and many others.
4. Quality of Life: Quality of life depends upon quality of good friends we have with whom we have a caring and sharing relationship. Laughter is a positive energy which helps to connect with people quickly and improves relationships. If you laugh more, you will attract many friends.
5. Positive Attitude in Challenging Times : Everyone can laugh when the time is good, but how does one laugh when faced with challenges? Laughter helps to create a positive mental state to deal with negative situations and negative people. It gives hope and optimism to cope with difficult times.

Come laugh with us!

SC NamethSC is a Los Angeles native who has lived on the East Coast and abroad, returning to LA to live, work and play. After working in social services for twenty years, SC began to study trauma and the effects on the mind and body, and discovered through research and training how the body can heal itself. This concept paralleled the philosophy of yoga and led to becoming passionate about yoga three years ago when experiencing the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of being part of a conscious practice in healing and finding calm in the midst of a chaotic world. She has been trained in Hatha Yoga and LifeForce Yoga for anxiety, depression and trauma. In teaching, she seeks to instill creativity and curiosity on the mat, integrating it and then bringing it into the world. Her hope is that the students will leave class a little lighter, a little more flexible, and with a calm and joyful energy that they can take into their day. Her sankalpa (intention) is to create a space that is filled with play, passion and possibility while helping to relieve the symptoms of anxiety and depression. She is an RYT-200, a LIfeForce Yoga Practitioner Level 2 and a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.


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