The Deeper Dimensions of Sound Baths by Jamie Ford

The Deeper Dimensions of Sound Baths

By Jamie Ford

I first experienced the power of the gong in a yoga class. I immediately fell in love and would go to yoga just to hear the gong.  I loved how the sounds vibrated my whole being and while my physical body would relax deeply the rest of me became awake and buzzing with energy. I feel the sounds were key in starting me on a journey of self-transformation. Within the first year of enjoying sound bath savasanas during yoga I quit my job, ended a relationship and transformed much of how I was living my life. I entered the path of self-awakening and began to drop the things that weren’t serving me and became more familiar with who “me” really was. This was of course, not an easy path, as the path of transforming rarely is – it is however a very rewarding path and one I see many of my sound healing students, clients, and sound bath participants on.

I started doing sound baths so I could help others shift in ways that would bring more joy, love, peace, and overall happiness into their lives. I experienced so much transformation through sound that I wanted to offer this to others as well.  I realize that not all people go to a sound bath expecting to embark on a journey of self-transformation – however the sounds often do jump-start this for people. While a sound bath can be a deeply relaxing experience on all levels, often times the sounds bring things to the surface that need to be addressed, whether they come up during the sound bath or in the days following. The various sounds offer participants an opportunity to raise their vibration, find deeper states of relaxation and peace, and expand their consciousness. When we shift to a higher vibration and start to hold the frequency of joy or peace more often all that isn’t in alignment with this state starts to surface. This means that all those old traumas that are keeping us from feeling happiness and joy come up and say hello…. sometimes softly and sometimes loudly. This can be felt physically, emotionally, or even mentally (ie – as physical pain, as fear or anxiety, or as busy thoughts). While many people come to a sound bath and feel amazing during and after, some people start to feel their old “stuff” come up. This is perfectly normal and what I consider a very good thing! As we allow ourselves to shift, transform, and expand we align more with the path of our hearts. We then begin to see our new state of vibration reflected in those around us and start to create our lives from this state of joy and peace.

So the next time you come to a sound bath – whether it’s your first or 100th, allow yourself to relax and be open to the experience you have in that moment. Know that whatever your experience is – whether you feel relaxed, energized, fidgety, anxious, happy, uncomfortable, joyful, peaceful etc. it is perfectly normal and what you need at that time. So allow your body to soften and receive the sounds, and allow whatever happens to happen – breathing with where you are in that moment.  If you do find yourself experiencing intensity of some kind just relax, breathe and allow. The sensation will pass as long as you don’t get attached to trying to fix or solve it.  The more regularly you experience sound, the quicker you will drop into a relaxed and peaceful state.  Over time you will likely see huge shifts in how you feel and experience the world around you.


Jamie’s intention is to help people experience more joy in their lives and she does this through her passion for sound and yoga. Jamie plays Paiste Planetary Gongs and crystal singing bowls, and has been healing with sound for nearly 10 years.  She leads sound baths at Siesta Yoga the first Sunday of every month.  Her next event is June 7 from 7:30-9pm at 1825 North Western Avenue, Los Feliz, CA 90027.


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