Gift Guide 2015

The year is coming to an end and you deserve a treat…or maybe you want to share something special with someone you care for.  Here are some products that we love, and can help make life a little sweeter.

Come on into the studio to receive 15% off these products and more Saturday (Nov 28) and Sunday (Nov 29) only!

$0: Restorative Yoga class – Take it or give it.  It’s all yours.  Relaxation, deeper breath, and ease are a click away!

$You Choose: Siesta Yoga Gift Card – Take that special someone to class with you, show them the ropes, help them get started on their journey.  Trust us, they won’t ever forget it!


$5: Mat Wash travel spray – Gotta keep that mat fresh and clean!  Your face touches it, after all.

$7-10: Nano-Cal Salve – Before your muscles get stronger, they get sore.  No problem!  Give those over-used power muscles a massage with this salve that includes 100% Ionic Calcium, which is meant to restore the muscles; Essential Oils that relieve pain and enhance ease; and Shea Butter along with vegetarian Squalene for easy application.  More info


$16: Yoga Block, Yoga Strap, Hand Towel – Treat yourself to some props for your home practice, or a nice little towel to wipe your brow and keep your hands from slipping and sliding.


$20: Stress Roller – It’s like 2 tennis balls wrapped up for you!  This roller can roll out the muscles along the spine, or any other sore area that needs attention.  Easiest to use while laying down.


$28: Objects With Purpose all natural wearable candle – Smell up your house and self with these delicious scents: Fight or Flight (jasmine and vanilla), Archetype Rising (peony, cucumber, firewood), Dahlia (rose and lychee)


$45: Reiki-blessed Eye Pillow or Mask – Hand-stiched and embroidered by Remi Emdur with love.


$40-$140: Brand New Yoga Mat!


$500: Beauty Detox by Andrea Alves – 10 Ayurvedic Massages + Ayurvedic Diet Consultation!

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