Gift of the Earth: Essential Oils


Viparita Karani with legs in Badda Konasana

  How sweet is it to be resting in Legs-up-the-Wall Pose when your yoga teacher or partner comes by and places gentle hands on your shoulders, widening your chest…and then, oh! there’s lavender on those hands and you sink deeply into your restful pose, letting the calm held in that oil seep into your skin?  Very.
  Essential Oils can be shared in a variety of ways.  I remember learning in a doTERRA class that the most efficient spots to place oils (so that they take effect more quickly) are the back of the neck and the bottoms of the feet.  I’ve tried it with lavender a number of times before bed and the oil just sent all tension away, leaving me to slumber deeply.  Many of us know about lavender oil, but what about all the other “gifts of the earth” that have benefits we didn’t know about.  And what makes essential oils “essential,” beneficial, effective at doing anything but smelling nice?  Here are some facts about doTERRA essential oils that will lead you down the right path to aromatic bliss and possibly better health:
What are Essential Oils?
Essential Oils are nature’s defense mechanism for plants and cells.  They are a natural aromatic compound and are highly concentrated: 50-70 times more powerful than herbs.
Why Are Essential  Oils Effective?
-Essential oils work on cellular level & protect cells.
– Essential oils are nutrents that penetrate cell membranes.
-Their unique chemical structure allows oils to penetrate skin for immediate response.
How To Use Oils
Why doTERRA Essential Oils?
CPTG- Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Oil’s
Consistant high-quality oils. Every bottle has the same CPTG quality Oil.
More about doTERRA.
Come visit us at Siesta Yoga on Sunday, November 6, 2016 from 4:30-6:30pm for a special workshop blending Gentle Yoga (taught by Brandee, above) with an info session about doTERRA Essential Oils.  Yoga class will include use of oils, as will the lesson.  We will attempt to share many different uses of several different types of oil throughout the duration of this Spa Afternoon.  Join us!

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