Winter Still

Think about Winter. Cold. Dark. Short Days. Wet. Snow. Quiet.

Now, in LA, we don’t deal with this to the same degree as almost anywhere else.  It’s sunny California, 75 degrees most of the time.  That is appealing to a lot of people who decide to move here.  The problem is that without distinct seasons, it is difficult to stop and reflect on what has happened during all those active, sunny days.  Winter is meant to be a time of stillness.  When it is too cold to go outdoors, we stay indoors and do what?  What do you occupy your time with when you’re indoors, or more specifically, what do you picture yourself doing on a lazy day off?  More sleep, reading, sitting, thinking, creating (cooking, art, crafts, writing…), spending time with those you live with (pets, roommates, family, friends), the list goes on.  These all have something in common: they are slow, simple activities.  You are not working, running around and trying to accomplish as must as humanly possible; you are finding quiet, surrendering to the moment, and figuring out how to stop yourself from expecting more and more of yourself. This is a time to go inward and ask yourself how you feel, what you’ve accomplished over the last several months, what you want to do next.  It’s a time to sit quietly and let new, creative answers arise to questions you’ve been asking forever.  It’s a time to meditate, do yoga, rest, breathe with intention, take an easy walk.  If we never stop doing things, we can never see the patterns we’ve developed to make doing things easier.  We can never decipher between helpful and harmful patterns.  We can never discover new ways to see and approach the world.

This post isn’t meant to tell you not to work hard and get things done; It simply reminds you to find balance.  The more you work, the deeper you must rest and reflect.  And, in a city like LA, where the hustle is happening 24/7, it’s vital to take time for yourself.

Stephy and I (Brandee) will be leading a workshop on Sunday, December 11 (we do them every couple months) at Siesta Yoga.  It will focus on finding stillness during these next few months; not just by sitting around all the time, but by letting our minds settle in the midst of tumult.  She will challenge you to settle your mind during Kundalini breathwork and repetitive movement, and then I will offer you meditations and Restorative resting poses to let go of deep physical tension and take the mind on a reflecting journey.  We will follow this by an extended Savasana with Sound Bath meant to put the final healing touch on the practice.


WINTER STILL. 12/11/16. Siesta Yoga. 5:30-8pm. $30 if you sign up here in advance. $35 at the door.  Arrive early and find a parking spot in back (with a “Siesta Yoga” sign in from of it).

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