#YindulgeAndRestore: Our 2nd Instagram Yoga Challenge!



Welcome to #YindulgeAndRestore the second in our series of conscientious yoga challenges! This peaceful, supportive, indulgent challenge starts on Mother’s Day, a time to acknowledge and honor all Mothers everywhere by tapping into the more passive feminine aspect of our practice. This is a unique opportunity to challenge ourselves to settle in, ground, and Yindulge in relaxation. We are so busy in our lives that we rarely make stopping a priority. The time is now.

Each day of #YindulgeAndRestore will offer an affirmation to practice along with the pose to further encourage a feeling of centeredness. These poses are mini-retreats that will give us time to watch our mindstuff moving from here to there to over there.  When we apply the affirmation, we become more aware during this practice, during our active yoga practice, and during every moment of our lives: aware of what’s within and without. Take the plunge into YOU and LOVE YOUR MOTHER!

Thank you to our awesome sponsors @mandukayoga @objectswithpurpose and @doterra – See Prizes info below. *IMPORTANT* if you are local to LA please DM @siestayoga

YIN description:

Days 1-5 start you off with Yin yoga, a beautiful practice suitable for students of any level. Traditionally practiced in the morning when the muscles are cold, postures are held for up to 5 minutes as we discover stillness, increase flexibility and calm our minds. Primarily a sedentary practice, Yin poses focus on stretching the connective tissue and fascia while encouraging your body to open and release. Balance your active Yang practice with Yin and tap into your inner peace, then flow deeper into serenity for days 6-10 as you explore supported poses that make space for deep meditation.

RESTORATIVE description:

Restorative Yoga is a uniquely grounding practice. The goal is to make ourselves so comfortable with prop support that we can become completely passive, which lets our bodies and minds release deep-seated tension and trauma that we’ve been holding onto for who knows how long.  This practice leads to suppleness, calm, and total presence. Poses are done from 1 minute to 20 minutes (we will specify for each of the 5 poses). We invite you to notice the process of letting go (does it lead to sleep, relaxation, frustration…?) and simply try to maintain a loving, aware mindset.

How to Participate:

Follow these simple steps to participate and be eligible to win our fabulous prizes!!

  • Repost this flier to your IG page using the hashtag #YindulgeAndRestore and tag 2 friends to join.
  • Follow all Hosts: @siestayoga @iamemileebee AND Sponsors: @mandukayoga @objectswithpurpose @doterra
  • Post daily your version of the pose and tag all hosts and sponsors.
  • Make sure your profile is set to “Public” for the duration of the challenge so we can see your beautiful photos.
  • Engage with your new community by liking and commenting on fellow participants’ posts.
  • Enjoy your new peaceful, calm, relaxed attitude of mind!!

Prizes: 3 prizes for 3 Winners!!!

*IMPORTANT* If you are LA Local please DM @siestayoga

  1. Superlite Travel Mat & eQua Hand Towel from @MandukaYoga
  2. Self-care spa package including: Rosemary essential oil from @doterra, Antonia’s Turn Large 3 wick scented / wearable candle from @objectswithpurpose and a Handmade Lavender-Scented eye pillow from our restorative host @beegyoga

3. Free 2 Week Unlimited Series at @SiestaYoga

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