Harvest Moon

The natural elements of Autumn are mixing and mashing and creating within us a turmoil that needs to be expressed. The fire is blaring; the wind is mobilizing; and the earth is holding us strong in our stance. Astrologically, we have these two energies that are driven and ambitious, but they take totally different approaches: Mars in Aries is fast and throws caution to the wind while Saturn in Capricorn is slow and diligent (more here). So, we are definitely moving forward. Our hearts are in the game and we want to produce an outcome. But, as with every journey, there are detours and road blocks that come up and force us to look deeper, and to see what is really holding us still or preventing our growth.

The full moon shines its light brightly upon these barriers, bringing what was in the shadows into the light. It is an excellent opportunity to converse with the monsters hidden in our psyche – so we may understand that they are just trying to teach us a lesson and move on, themselves! I find that the silver light of the full moon gives me a feeling of warmth and serenity. These concepts I’ve detailed do not sound so serene, I realize, but there is a perspective of calm and curiosity from which we can approach this time. Perhaps, it can be defined as a place of wholeness. Understanding that even in the fight, even in the questioning, even in the darkness, we are whole beings. Even with our efforts to move forward, we are here and now. Our aspirations don’t take that away from us.

Let’s use the practice of breathing deeply, slowly, and thoughtfully; of embracing the space provided in our Heart Chakra center (located at the lungs, heart, rib cage, chest, upper back, shoulders, and arms). When we feel our bodies functioning, we remember we exist, just like this. Try this mantra that succinctly details this concept: “Hum-Sa” or I Am.

The breath moves us and shifts us from moment to moment, whereas water provides us with the option to move like liquid: with grace and subtlety, with mindfulness and thoughtfulness, with receptivity and, yet, also strength. Our Sacral Chakra work lubricates our joints, moistens our skin, plumps up our brain, and activates our ability to draw in the power of hydration. This October 2020 Autumn Full Moon Sound Bath is a rain dance: a call to the skies to open up and cleanse us, to provide a cure to the over-abundant fire within us and on our dry lands; to empower our ability to embrace while still holding form.

Chakra Work:

For the Heart Chakra

This is a photo of hand symbol called Vayu Mudra. It is sometimes used in conjunction with Heart Chakra work.
Vayu Mudra

Find a comfortable seat. Take Vayu Mudra by joining folding in your index finger and holding it in place with your thumb. Leave the remaining fingers extended. Try it with both hands. Rest your hands on your lap.

Ease into long, slow breaths.

Begin to count to 4 on the inhale and the exhale.

When this becomes comfortable, add a 4-count pause after the inhale.

Finally, add a 4-count pause after the exhale.

The completion of all four parts creates Sama Vritti Pranayama (Box Breathing). Take at least 5 complete Box Breaths. Continue into a few recovery breaths.

Release the control of your breath and your mudras.


For the Sacral Chakra

This is a photo of hand symbol called Buddhi Mudra. It is sometimes used in conjunction with Sacral Chakra work.
Buddhi Mudra

From a comfortable seat, bring your hands into Buddhi Mudra by joining your thumb pads with your pinky pads.

Deepen your breath all the way down into your abdomen. When you are ready, sing the sound of the Heart Chakra, YAM (pronounced: Y-A-U-M) at least 3 times. Take a breath.

Continue to sing the sound of the Sacral Chakra, VAM (pronounced: V-A-U-M) at least 3 times. Take a breath.

Repeat for another round. This is meant to balance your inner air and water elements.

Release your mudras.


May the full moon add a little sparkle to your night!

. . .

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