Fall New Moon: Grounding

Many of us ask ourselves to be someone or something we are not, and pretty frequently at that. Our outer world has all kinds of suggestions about what we should be. Our developmental process is about discovering how we can describe ourselves in a way that makes sense to and pleases others. The difficulty comes in the fact that we are subtly changing all the time. We can attempt to define ourselves as much as we can attempt to describe what an iris smells like or what spirituality is. Our language is lacking. It is an effective way to get a point across and to relate to one another, but we don’t need language when defining ourselves to ourselves. We are fuller and bigger and more subtle and more whole than language allows for. But, how do we learn what we are if we can’t talk about it and we can’t think about it through language; if it’s not what we have been told and it’s not what we’ve established; if it’s ever-changing and all-encompassing?

We turn inward. There is sufficient time and space in a single minute to begin or to continue discovering. There is enough room in 10 minutes; in 20 or 60. Whatever amount of time you take to be still is the right amount of time to take. It is simply about the intention behind this moment of silence. And the intention is to get to know yourself: your essence, your needs, your thrills, your disappointments, your emotions, your process of thinking, your way of moving your body, and your way of moving through the world, your answers, and your questions, and more and more and more. This information is all there. You are an expert on you. As soon as you can find a mode of communication with you, you get to know how and why and where to travel next. This life is your life and you will live it differently than those around you. We need not compare ourselves to our neighbors, but rather to appreciate how each choice is our own…if we’re lucky. And if we are lucky, why are we giving that gift away?

I invite you to sing, think, or mumble “So Hum” or “Hamsa.” These two syllables, when repeated with the breath (Inhale “So” and Exhale “Hum”) carry the power of consciousness, grace and purity. The two sounds balance one another and invite us into ourselves. It is an invitation to release the expectations and find out what is already there. The term can be translated as: I am or I am that.

This invitation is an exploration of inner discovery: empowering the truth in our hearts and stabilizing ourselves on the ground. These abilities will help us through this rocky ride.

We are. You are. I am.

Please enjoy our corresponding Modular Sound Bath for the New Moon in Libra HERE!


Jnana Mudra: The Wisdom Seal

Touch the index fingers and thumbs together on both hands. Turn the palms up.

The middle, ring, and pinky fingers stand for fear, ego and negativity. Point those three away from your body. Extend them long and imagine the overabundance of these three seeping out of you. 

The index finger represents Grace and the Thumb represents the Higher Self. Feel these two fingers feeding into and off of one another to bring in more light, focus, and spiritual power.

Ground Yourself: A Meditation

Find a comfortable position.

Tap into your gently-moving breath.

Feel into your progressively-relaxing body.

Notice your points of contact with the ground.

How does it feel — is it cool or warm; soft or hard; textured or smooth…?

Let your body sink into the ground a little more, as though the ground has softened and is inviting you down.

Acknowledge that not only are you touching the ground, but that it is touching you.

You meet at exactly the same points.

Here and here and here.

Release your excess energy (tension, mental distractions, upset) into the ground.

Chant (aloud or internally): I Am.

. . .

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