Heart-Centered Community-Building

In our quest to belong, we acknowledge that there is a need to get along with others. Relationships take all forms and rise to all degrees of intimacy, but it is our relationship with our self that forms the foundation for the rest. We aim for an inner experience that is compassionate, understanding, and forgiving. If we lack this fundamental experience of love, we find ourselves seeking it in others and continually end up dissatisfied. When we wearily look for confirmation that we belong while feeling that we don’t, we get confirmation that we don’t. We have sought it out! Regardless of what another says, we see a shift in an eye or hear a disapproving tone. Yet, when the love within creates a backdrop for our outer experience, we are compassionate, understanding, and forgiving toward those around us. We joyfully receive moments of reciprocal loving kindness, but we do not require it at such a level that it completes us or gives us permission to belong (in society, in family, in community, in the world).

“We’ve got to stop walking through the world looking for confirmation that we don’t belong. We’ll always find it because we’ve made it our mission. We’ve got to stop scouring people’s faces for evidence that we’re not enough. We’ll always find it because we’ve made it our goal. True belonging and self-worth are not goods. We don’t negotiate their value with the world. The truth about who we are lives in our hearts and our call to courage is to protect our wild hearts against constant evaluation, especially our own. No one belongs here more than us.” – Brene Brown

Use Metta (Loving Kindness) Meditation as a practice for this:

Begin with an offering to yourself. Then release it out slowly from person to person, plant to animal…until it reaches the ends of the earth.

May I/you/we be Well

May I/you/we be Peaceful and at Ease

May I/you/we be Happy

With this strong and resilient heart, we gain the confidence, the exuberance to tackle the experience in front of us. It delights us to engage new people, projects, situations, and challenges because this is the stuff of life. Scorpio Season loves relationships and transformation. The fires of change keep us aware and prevent stagnation.

The new moon helps us feel spacious, free of excess, and ready to take on a new task, project, relationship or idea! This begins the moon cycle that takes us into Thanksgiving, our feast-filled day of gratitude. It reminds us to nourish ourselves, to celebrate togetherness, and to honor kindness. We find ourselves deep in communication with our 5th Chakra, the throat, Vishuddha – the purifier, as we converse with rarely-seen relatives and friends, listen to stories from new sources, and express ourselves accurately, creatively and within the realm of comprehension of those around us. Using the same language to represent yourself to your parent and to your best friend would lose something – you just don’t speak the same way to everyone. Language is vast and enables us to share with our words, expressions, bodies, energy, and emotions. It is dependent upon what happens before we speak and what might happen as a result of our speech. It is the wild west when communicating with someone who does not think as we do – will they understand, will they believe me, will they argue, will it be a cordial debate, will one of us be asked to leave, will we become more compassionate toward one another, what do each of us want from this exchange… When communicating with someone who cares deeply for you and thinks as you do, the subtlety beneath each conversation is already established. You are rarely surprised by a response. Our throat chakra carries breath, sound, and nourishment; it speaks, sings, listens, and hears; it constricts with conflict and expands with compassion. Communication is a path to connection.

Chant aloud:

I am loved. I am love. I love. I lovingly express myself. I patiently and openly listen. I communicate from my soul.

. . .

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